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Q1. How to use Google Translation?
Q2. How to pay?
Q3. How to change the currency?
Q4. I want to buy item which sold out already or which is not sold at Cliff Edge.
Q5. Can you keep my ordered item?
Q6. Why do I have to submit photocopies of my credit card and ID?
Q7. I want to cancel my order.
Q8. Any Discount?
Q9. Authentic?
Q10. How to contact Cliff Edge?
Q11. How long will it take my order to be shipped?
Q12. Is it possible to mark as a gift?
Q13. Package is damaged.
Q14. Where is Cliff Edge located?
Q15. Terms & Conditions?

Q1.How to use Google Translation?
A. Google Translation Tool is placed at the top-right of our website.

The following languages are available:
English, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Korean, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Portuguese, and Russian.

We encourage you to keep your browser updated for the better quality of the translation.

NOTE: Enquiries only in ENGLISH or JAPANESE can be handled in case you contact us.
Please keep that in mind.

Q2.How to pay?
A.There are two ways of payment method you can choose from.

  • PayPal Standard
    (Most easy way to pay online. Please create an account to enjoy shipping safely.)

  • Credit Card
    (You need to submit photos of your credit card + ID + handwritten payment form)

Please learn more details about Payment Method from here.

Q3.How to change the currency?
A. You can change the currency at the right top of the item list page.
When you pay via PayPal, the payment is done in the chosen currency:

Australian Dollar(AUD)
Canadian Dollar(CAD)
Singapore Dollar(SGD)
New Zealand Dollar(NZD)
Russian Ruble(RUB)
Chinese Yuan Renminbi(CNY)
Taiwan New Dollar(TWD)
Japanese Yen(JPY)
US Dollar(USD)
British Pound Sterling(GBP)
South Korean Won(KRW)
Hong Kong Doller(HKD)

are available.

However, We only except Japanese Yen(JPN) for the payment by Credit Card.

We usually send Paypal money request in Japanese Yen(JPN), but you may ask for change of its currency.

Q4. I want to buy item which sold out already or which is not sold at Cliff Edge.
A. You can receive reminder for restocked items by e-mail. If items you want is displayed
"OUT OF STOCK",find "Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock"
on the right side of picture in the product page, just above its price in the product page.
There, you can register for the reminder. All you have to do after that is wait and look
forward to the good news!!

In case you want to get something not at our web store, please let us know your prefered items
from MAIL ORDER. We will make every effort to find what you want!

You can also get yourself updated with our brilliant newsletters!! Please go up to the top of
this page and find the "newsletter" on the right. You can subscribe our news letter there.

Q5.Can you keep my ordered item?
A.We will keep each item after confirming its payment. So it can be happened that
someone else might purchase your prefered item(s) before you finish your payment.

Most items at our web store are RARE & HARD-TO-GET so you should hurry to pay first.

Q6.Why do I have to submit photocopies of my credit card and ID?
A. In order to prevent from credit card fraud, we require photocopies of
Credit Card (both Front and Back sides),
ID (Passport or Driving Lisence)
and handwritten payment form in case you first order in the payment method of credit card.

You can freely order with your credit card once we register your information.
The security and privacy of your personal information is extremely important to us.
We don't share, trade or sell your information to anyone outside of www.cliffedge.co.jp Co., LTD.
without your prior consent. We're committed to protecting the security & privacy of any personal
information you provide to us.

Q7. I want to cancel my order.
A. You can cancel your order within 1 hour after you place the order.
After 1 hour, we cannot accept any cancellation or change request.

Q8. Any Discount?
A. Unfortunately, there is no discount basically. We sometimes do sales to offer you items at better prices.
Please keep checking our web store regularly not to miss the opportunity.

A. Cliff Edge Offers only Authentic items, from NEW items to USED ones.
We have got a decent license to do this business in Japan.
Please enjoy shopping at our reliable web store, Cliff Edge!!

Most of the items in our store are brand-new. We clearly state "USED" for used items.
Therefore, it there is no "USED" mark, those items are brand-new.

Antique Dealer License Number: 451370002266

Q10.How to contact Cliff Edge?
A. You can contact us in the following 4 ways.
      3.Call to +81-45-313-2167.
      4. Contact us through SKYPE. ID: Cliff_Edge_International_Team

    Store Hours: AM11:00 - PM18:00 (JP time)
    International Service is closed on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

             [time-zone difference]
    Honolulu  -19 hrsMoscow  -6 hrs
    Vancouver  -17 hrsDubai  -5 hrs
    New York  -14 hrsNew Delhi  -3.5 hrs
    Sao Paulo  -12 hrsSingapore  -1 hr
    London  -9 hrsChina  -1 hr
    Paris  -8 hrsSeoul  0 hr
    Berlin  -8 hrsSydney  +1 hr
    Amsterdam  -7 hrsAuckland  +3 hrs
    Madrid  -7 hrs

    We are glad to hear your voice, so please feel free to contact us!!!

    Q11.How long will it take my order to be shipped? / How to track my order?
    A. After we confirm the payemnt is done, it usually takes us about 2 to 7 Business days
    to process and ship out each order by EMS.

    You can of course track your package with its tracking number (EMXXXXXXXXXJP)
    which we inform you in our Shipping confirmation mail. With the tracking number, you can track your order and DIRECTLY contact your country's delivery company or post office about your package from here.

    Q12.Is it possible to mark as a gift?
    A. When we send each package, we declare everything as it is to the Customs. WE DO NOT
    mark anything false like Gift. That is TAX EVASION, against the law.
    In case the Customs takes any action on your package, please follow their instructions.
    We ask for your kind understanding.

    Q13.Package is damaged.
    A. When we ship your ordered item(s), we always carefully check whether there is no damage
    on the item(s). However, your package might be damaged while delivered. In that case,
    please let us know with its picture by e-mail. We will have EMS investigate the issue.

    Q14.Where is Cliff Edge located?
    A. Cliff Edge is located in Yokohama, Japan. It's just within easy walking distance of Yokohama
    Staiton. We are open 365 days a year. When you come to Japan, please drop by Cliff Edge
    as well!! Please find out where we are from here!!

    Q15.Terms & Conditions?
    A. Please check our Terms & Condtions before placing your order so that you can enjoy shopping free from anxiety.