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A BATHING APE is now one of the Most popular International fashion brands. A designer Tomoaki Nagao, a.k.a, NIGO, established his own brand in 1993. Its official name is A BATHING APE IN LUKEWARM WATER. CAMO Design with Ape motif is very popular, and exclusive City color items become sold out very fast. Also very Cute Ape motif, MILO, is loved. In 2010, MILO became one character of Sanrio officially.
agnes b.
Agnes Trouble, French Fashion designer, established her own brand Agnes b. in 1975 Paris, France. The alphabet B in brand's name stands for her first husband's name Christian Bourgois. Agnes b. has variety of item lines, such as Men’s, Lady’s, and Kid’s wear, Cosmetics, Deign goods.


The team of Pharrell Williams, the member of The Neptunes and N.E.R.D and NIGO started the brand in 2004. BBC has an image of space and ICE CREAM has a amiable pop image of SK8. Among the many character designs, the font dog on the denims is the most popular. The brand also has luxury taste and their items spread in many apparel shops.
THE BINGO BROTHERS is one of the most well-established Indian jewelry manufacturers in Japan. Every one of their items varies and has got its very warm & attractive face as handcrafted one by one. They have built the good reputation. Many Japanese celebrities love the accessories. Especially Jin Akanishi from KAT-TUN is known as big fan of THE BINGO BROTHERS. After collaborating with NUMBER(N)INE, this brand became famous at a bound!!


COMME des GARCONS, meaning 'Like a Boy'in French, is one of the most important Japanese Fashion brands. In 1969, Rei Kawakubo, its designer, founded COMME des GARCONS. Today designers of this brand are only 4 people, Rei Kawakubo, Junya Watanabe, Tao Kurihara, Humihito Ganryu. As it firstly participated in Paris Collection in 1981, This brand has attained many fans around the world.


GORO TAKAHASHI introduces his Indian-flavoured Accessories. Each one of them is very popular and sold like hot cakes because of his elaborated work on them. He is also known as Indian received the Indian name of 'YELLOW EAGLE'. He creates extremely high quality and elaborated sliver & leather accessories in the motif of the YELLOW EAGLE!!
Garciamarquez Crystal Ball is the bag brand in Japan named after Gabriel Jose Garcia Marquez, the Colombian novelist. Akihiko Maruyama is its creative director. The brand has the concept of "the closet of Jane Birkin". Jane Birkin is the French actress and singer born in UK. It's cute character, Hippie is modeled after the Maruyama's dog.


It is a brand established by Nobuhiko Kitamura in 1984. The brand deals with various items like lady's, men's, kid's, and accessories. HYSTERIC MINI is one of those. The music and culture of the late 60s to the early 80s are humorously and popularly arranged and became the motives of the brand concept.


A Fashion designer from NY, JILL Stuart established her own brand Jill Stuart in 1993. “Cute”, “Pretty”, and “Sexy”, those words are the main Brand concept. Jill Stuart Item lines have very wide range: Ladies wear, Kids wear, Accessory, Handbag, and shoes. Today, Jill Stuart attracts Fashion conscious females around the world.
JOYRICH first was the select shop in Los Angels. It started its original brand line in 2007!! Their collection this vivid colors and 80's taste has been news these days!! LOVE, DREAM, FREEDOM, and HOPE are their concepts! Their items are casual and simple, but the trendy taste is added to it!!


Levi's Fenom
Levi's Fenom is the special line of Levi's which is for the premium street fashion style. It has both historical high quality of Levi's and the new taste influenced by the youth culture. FragmentDesign is the original brand by Hiroshi Fujiwara. He is known as the godfather of Harajuku culture and the greatest street wear designer in Japan. His works are valued all over the world!!
Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton is one of the fashion brands with the oldest history. It is loved by the people all over the world. The monogram pattern of LOUIS VUITTON has the one and only taste!!


MARC JACOBS is the brand popular among people of all age group and both men and women in Japan. Marc Jacobs is a designer of Louis Vuitton from New York, and he started the brand in 1987. Its items have simple basic design with dainty soft texture. MARC BY MARC JACOB is the brand for the younger people.
mastermind JAPAN
The brand is establish by Masaaki Honma in 1997. By using dainty materials in pattern, He became the pioneer of "high casual style." Their items have both luxury and sense of fun, which give the image of heart, love, and piece to the adult male. All the items are produced in limited numbers and are rarely offered in markets.


NEIGHBORHOOD is the brand established by Shinsuke Takizawa in 1994. The brand mainly produces the items with biker taste and work taste. They all got superb texture from the manual work. Because of the staid design, their items are very popular among people of all age groups. You can notice the brand's high quality from the fact that some of the Japanese celebrities such as Tomoya Nagase and Fumiya Fujii are the fan of NEIGHBORHOOD.


Original Fake
Original Fake is the brand produced by KAWS and MEDICOM TOY, which is the toy maker famous for its bearbricks and plushies in 2006. KAWS is an artist from Brooklyn who first caught people's attention when he painted the charactor with "x" eyes on the ad in NY. He often collaborates with other brand like APE, UNDER COVER, VISVIM, and so on. Their standard items are changed in to something else with the KAWS's taste and become premium.


Hiromu Takahara designs Roen's products. He names his brand, Roen after 狼煙. This is usually pronounced 'Noroshi', but it can be 'Roen'. He used to be a designer of ALFREDO BANNISTER and creates not only shoes but also clothes and accessories totally. He creates many Black-themed products and Skull logo is its main motif of Roen as you may know. His work is said to be great in quality and he makes most TEEs from Silk.


James Jebbia opened sole the skate only shop SUPREME in Lafayette Street, NY in 1994. As the brand was named "supreme", the brand releases simple functional but stylish items. Its products became very popular even in Japan. Some of the supreme motive are cultural featuring photographers, musicians, and artists. On the other side, they deal with the audacious photo motif of the super model Kate Moss.


Undercover is one of representative Japanese Street brands. In 1989, a designer Jun Takahashi starts Undercover with friends when he was a student of Bunka Fashion College. In school days, he was called Jonio as looking like Johnny Rotten, a vocal of Legendary PUNK Band SEX PISTOLS. In 1993, he opened own store NOWHERE (meaning No Where, NOW Here) with NIGO, a Director of A BATHING APE, in Harajuku, and sold items of Undercover and A BATING APE.


The director Hiroki Nakamura established Cubism and launched VISVIM in 2000. He is a tough person and has the Japanese traditional craftman spirit. His sneakers are sticked to the natural material and their functionality and comfort are valued all over the world.Even Colette, the famous retail shop in Paris, deals in VISVIM sneakers. From 2010, Hiroki started to work as a designer of MONCLER, too.
Vivienne Westwood is the British Brand. Vivienne and the Manager of greatest Punk Band SEX PISTOLS Malcolm McLaren opens their clothing store SEX PISTOLS in LONDON. also people who are not familiar with fashion love this Brand. Ashtray, rings, scar, key chain, and so on, many Items are now MUST HAVE items among Fashion Freaks.


The history of the brand started from 1993. Tetsu Nishiyama as known as TET established the brand named "40% AGAINST RIGHT." In 1996, the brand hit the ground running and changed its name to (W)TAPS. TET now is the creative director of "BLACK FLAG," the apparel shop in Aoyama, Tokyo. Many of the items are military based. (W)TAPS is also famous for the active collaboration with other brands such as SUPREME, STUSSY, VANS, and more.


A Japanese designer Yoshinori Kotake starts his own brand in 2005. This brand is popular for Mesh Caps as soon as Japanese famous POP Star Takuya Kimura wears Caps of Yoshinori Kotake. Damage modification and POP logo design with shiny spangles, they are symbolic design of Yoshinori Kotake.
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