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Cliff EdgeR is a group of heroes who helps people to buy & sell items!

These videoes are to promote our used-merchandise.
Right now, we are not purchasing used items from abroad but we wanted share part of our activities.
Please note we only sell brand-new items in this international web store.
We are selling used items in the other store we manage.
If you click the "YouTube" button, you can see the larger video.

Episode 1
Born of Cliff EdgeR. Who are they?
What's Cliff EdgeR is to rescue?
Story of Cliff EdgeR starts from here!
Episode 2
Introduction of each member of Cliff EdgeR.
Hot RED is a leader while cool BLUE is a mechanic. Girly Pink likes dressing up and powerful YELLOW is a big eater.

Episode 3
Activity of Cliff EdgeR.
They are helping people to sell second-hand items in Yokohama. YELLOW is a bit slow but he is the most powerful and can carry heavy items!
Episode 4
About purchasing second-hand items.
Cliff Edge can make an assessment from only one item. It only takes 4 minutes to finish the assessment at the fastest and it's OK to cancel it if you are not happy with the price. You can bring some damaged items as well.

Episode 5
Introduction of TIFFANY&Co. items
TIFFANY&Co. items are very popular in Cliff Edge. It's something perfect as a gift especially when wedding. We include the official paper bag of TIFFANY&Co. if you wish. Not only those in the video but also many other items are available in the store!
Episode 6
About Delivery Purchasing Kit
Cliff Edge is sending Delivery Purchasing Kit for free in Japan. It includes a cardboard box, packaging materials, a purchasing form and a transmittal form. You can choose the size of a cardboard box from S to XL. We have been purchasing send-hand items since 1998!

Episode 7
Introduction of item purchasing at high prices.
There are some examples of items we are purchasing at high prices.

Episode 8
HAPPY from Cliff Edge (Yokohama, Japan)
Cliff EdgeR and our store staffs, customers are all HAPPY and Dancing with the music of Pharrell Williams, HAPPY! Please visit Cliff Edge in case you have a chance to coming Yokohama. We want to share our HAPPINESS!